QuickSHip Gauges

This limited stock is for applications that need a gauge quick or are not concerned with specialty features such as: larger dials, liquid fills, or electrical switches. If you are  working on an application that needs more than 5 gauges, we recommend emailing us directly: info@dpgaugeusa.com

Three Great Options


Simple 3 color filter status indicator


Industrial filter status indicator


Multi-use DP gauge


Simple, effective, and 30+ years of usage around the world. The DPP975 filter status indicator uses a dual face design (front and back) so that you can plumb it up in either flow direction.

150DPG B


Looking to monitor your industrial filter system, cart, or skid? With standard ranges, three color status indication, and max indicating pointer, this gauge series is packed with value. 

PG Series

Our best selling, robust differential pressure gauge series primarily designed for filter systems and flow monitoring. They use a piston mechanism that has a teflon seal to minimize bypass from the high to the low port. However, a small amount of migration is still possible at high differential pressures. Should not be used on liquid level applications because of this.