Flow Pro - Differential Pressure Plus
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Portable Differential Pressure Measurement

The Flow-Pro product family offers users the ability to turn any of our gauges into portable measurement devices. By installing bleed valves, quick connect hose adapters, and a waterproof cases, users can monitor multiple venturis or other devices from one gauge.

Starting Under $200

Sometimes you just don’t know…


  • Includes bleed valves, hoses and case

  • Over 300+ Ranges from 0.6″ H2O to 150 psid

  • Fully Custom Dial Design Available

  • Great for Venturi Manufacturers

How to Order

Step 1:

Email Us Flow Data vs Differential Pressure

Step 2:

We email you a Proof of the Dial Design

Step 3:

We build a kit

``The Flow-Pro is great for venturi manufacturers to sell with their equipment. They are totally customizable and built to your needs. By simply supplying us with flow data, we will design the kit directly to your numbers.``
- Matt Schell, Chief Engineer

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