Filter Indicators Overview - Differential Pressure Plus
Differential Pressure Plus manufacturers differential pressure gauges for monitoring filter status, liquid level, flow rate measurement in venturis, and much more.
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Filter Indicators Overview

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Includes a variety of our filter indicators, a precision gauge, and a manual.

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Commonly Used Accessories

Mounting Base

All filter indicators are designed to directly connect into a filter head, however we also offer mounting bases with 1/8″ NPT connections to pipe to.

Mounting Brackets

Pipe or wall mounting brackets that work with mounting bases to easily install into systems.

Electrical Switches

1 or 2 SPST or SPDT switches that can be set and field adjusted to the pressure range.

Bolt On Filter Indicators

These filter indicators use a 1.75″ bolt pattern to directly mount into your filter head. A mounting base can also be used to connect to 1/8″NPT connections


(5-30 psid ranges)
  • Dial Face on Front and Rear for Mounting Convenience
  • Electrical Switch and 4-20mA Transmitter Option
  • Mounting Base with 1/8″NPT Connections Available
  • Ship Same Day


(5-30 psid ranges)


  • Simple Two Color Indication Pops to Red When Dirty
  • No Electrical Option
  • Mounting Base with 1/8″NPT Connections Available
  • Ship Same Day

Flush Mount Filter Indicators

These filter indicators have a flat bottom with two o-rings, allowing them to mount onto a filter head using 4 screws. Unlike the bolt on indicators, these designs don’t need to have threaded holes and can use straight hole connections


(5-30 psid ranges)
  • Simple Two Color Indication, Pops to Red When Dirty
  • Electrical Switch Options
  • Mounting Base with 1/8″NPT Connections Available
  • Ship Same Day