200DPG Differential Pressure Guage - Differential Pressure Plus
Differential Pressure Plus manufacturers differential pressure gauges for monitoring filter status, liquid level, flow rate measurement in venturis, and much more.
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200DPG Piston Gauge

Precise DP Measurement for Liquids.

            If you are looking for high accuracy, differential pressure measurement for liquids, the 200DPG is a great choice. With a system pressure rating of up to 6,000 psi and pressure ranges that vary from 3.5 to 1,000 psid, this gauge has an enormous amount of applications. Our piston gauges lead the industry because of our advanced seal design that utilizes PTFE ring. This reduces the ability for media to travel from high port to low port, through the gauge. Without this, contamination between ports and false readings could occur.

Sometimes you just don’t know…


  • Highest System Pressure Offered (6000 psi)
  • Differential Pressure Ranges from 3.5 to 1,000 psid
  • Great for Filters and Hydraulics
  • Lowest Cost Precision Gauge
  • Panel Mountable Dials and Mounting Brackets
  • Color Bands, Liquid Fills, and Follower Pointers
  • Electrical Switches and 4-20mA options
  • 150+ Pressure Ranges

CAD Files

For Further CAD files, please email us for quick response.

Differential Pressure Plus designs and manufacturers differential pressure gauges and filter indicators. Our main industries are cyrogenic storage for liquid oxygenm nitrogen, and natural gas. Filtration of water, oil, and other gases and liquids. Leak detection systems for large tanks and pipelines. Flow rates on venturis and other flow type devices. We are located in the United States and have been manufacturing since 1991. We also make a like of 4-20mA transmitters and entire line of testing equipment. Our backflow test kits are used to test back flow preventers around the world

Our 200DPG is…

an industry leader specifically because of the design of our piston. Unlike the competition, our pistons feature a specially design PTFE ring that reduces the ability for media to travel from high port to low port, through the gauge. Without this, contamination between ports and false readings could occur.

The 200DPG can:

  • Be made into a portable kit
  • Be pre-outfitted with a manifold
  • Be machined from Aluminum, Brass, or Stainless Steel
  • Be fully customized with over a million design combinations


Our modular gauge system allows for millions of possible combinations for our gauges. If you have trouble, please use the quote form below to help select options. You can also call us anytime for immediate support: 203-418-254

Model System

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Pressure Ranges

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Application Examples

Balancing Valves
Bag Housings
Directly into Filter Head

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