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Differential Pressure Gauges

These gauges are used in applications such as filter monitoring, cryogenic level, and flow measurement. These precision differential pressure gauges are trusted by thousands of manufacturers around the world and relied upon for their accuracy.

Filter Status Indicators

Our filter status indicators can mount directly onto a filter head or be piped to remotely. Their interchangeable parts allow for a variety of ranges, electrical options, and mounting configurations. Never forget to change your filter again!
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HVAC Systems Gauges

Need to measure ultra low differential pressure, standard pressure, or vacuum? Our HVG has ranges down to 0.5″ H2O, has electrical switch options, is low cost, and a variety of other great options perfect for air handling applications.
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Amazon Shop Inventory

Differential Pressure Plus now carries a variety of gauges on our Amazon Prime store. This is a great place to get something quick for testing or if you tend to buy products that fall in our standardized system.
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New Designs Developments

Differential Pressure Plus has some exciting new products coming. Our latest collaboration with John Guest Inc. resulted in the world’s first pressure gauge to directly incorporate push connect fittings. The new Purigauge is sure to a great addition.
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Custom Built Projects

From backflow testing, manifold instals, portable flow monitoring kits. We can create specially designed pieces of equipment for your industry. We can design custom cases, preinstall cooling towers, and just about anything else you need.

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Applications of Differential Pressure

Differential pressure gauges are some of the most underutilized and misunderstood products in manufacturing. As a result of a near complete lack of mention from engineering eduction, we see engineers constantly using two standard pressure gauges, when they could just use one differential pressure gauge. From applications involving filtration system, measuring flow rates using the Bernoulli Principle, displaying liquid levels in cryogenic tanks, detecting leaks in systems, and so much more, these capable instruments should be part of every engineer’s toolbox.

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What is a Differential Pressure Gauge?

Simply put, a differential pressure gauge measures the difference in pressure between two connections. Let’s imagine an application where you have a tank at 100 psi and another at 95 psi. If you connect a differential pressure gauge between those two tanks, you will read 5 psi. There are a few different gauge designs to achieve this. Differential Pressure Plus utilizes a design known as a “Magnetic Coupling.” Each gauge has a magnetic piston that moves back and forth like a sea-saw depending on the differential pressure. As a result, the linear movement of this magnetic piston pushes and pulls on a rotary magnet that connects to the pointer. This “magnetic rack and pinion” provide the readout.

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Customization is our Specialty

From custom dial printing, logos, specialty connections, and more, Differential Pressure Plus can customize to your needs. We’ve built portable testing kits, supplied gauges with fittings pre-installed, and have built custom install kits a a wide variety of applications. Get in touch today and our engineering team can help!

What We Do

We manufacture differential pressure gauges for filter, cryogenic, pump, and flow control applications around the world.

Our Passion

Helping manufacturers develop new and innovative solutions to improve their product and process systems through the implementation of differential pressure measurement.

Our Difference

Our staff is a blend of young innovative minds and experienced engineers that are constantly looking to the future. The three pillars to our success are customer service, on time delivery, and affordability.