Differential Pressure Plus designs and manufacturers differential pressure gauges and filter indicators. Our main industries are cyrogenic storage for liquid oxygenm nitrogen, and natural gas. Filtration of water, oil, and other gases and liquids. Leak detection systems for large tanks and pipelines. Flow rates on venturis and other flow type devices. We are located in the United States and have been manufacturing since 1991. We also make a like of 4-20mA transmitters and entire line of testing equipment. Our backflow test kits are used to test back flow preventers around the world

Who is Differential Pressure Plus?

Differential Pressure Plus Inc. has been designing and manufacturing differential pressure gauges in Branford, CT, since 1991. Our applications involve monitoring water and fuel filters and measuring liquid levels in cryogenic tanks.


We manufacture differential pressure gauges for filter, cryogenic storage, pump, and flow control device manufactures.


DPP’s customizable line of differential pressure gauges and filter indicators are applied to a wide variety of  applications.


Helping manufacturers around the world develop new and innovative solutions to improve their product and process systems through the implementation of differential pressure measurement.


Our staff is a blend of young innovative minds and experienced engineers that are constantly looking to the future.

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Differential Pressure Gauge And Filter Indicator


Our filter indicators can mount directly onto a filter head or be piped to remotely. Their interchangeable parts allow for different ranges, electrical options, and more. Engineers use them to help inform operators what the status of their filter system is.


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These gauges are used in applications such as filtration, cryogenic level, flow measurement, and much more. The precision differential pressure gauges are trusted by thousands of manufacturers around the world.


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For backflow testings and portable flow monitoring kits. These specially designed pieces of equipment are engineered to be the best in the industry.


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Differential Pressure Gauge Applications

          Differential pressure gauges are some of the most underutilized and misunderstood products in manufacturing. As a result of a near complete lack of mention from engineering eduction, we see engineers constantly using two standard pressure gauges, when they could just use one differential pressure gauge. From applications involving filtration system, measuring flow rates using the Bernoulli Principle, displaying liquid levels in cryogenic tanks, detecting leaks in systems, and so much more, these capable instruments should be part of every engineer’s toolbox.

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What is a Differential Pressure Gauge

    Simply put, a differential pressure gauge measures the difference in pressure between two connections. Let’s imagine an application where you have a tank at 100 psi and another at 95 psi. If you connect a differential pressure gauge between those two tanks, you will read 5 psi.

There are a few different gauge designs to achieve this. Differential Pressure Plus utilizes a design known as a “Magnetic Coupling.” Each gauge has a magnetic piston that moves back and forth like a sea-saw depending on the differential pressure. As a result, the linear movement of this magnetic piston pushes and pulls on a rotary magnet that connects to the pointer. This “magnetic rack and pinion” provide the readout.

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Monitoring Filters

        As filter cartridges get clogged, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet increases. This is a result of the buildup of contaminants in the filter mesh. Operators can measure a differential pressure drop across a filter and can get a visual indication about how dirty their filter systems are. As a result, using a differential pressure gauges for a filter application can:

  • Help operators prevent damage to their system because they stay informed of filter status.
  • Prevent legal issues between filter manufacturers and customers who over exert the life of their filters and misuse the systems
  • Increase filter cartridge sales by 20-30% by helping customers stay informed of the filter’s status
  • Help distinguish your filter from the 1,000’s of competitors out there

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