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Differential Pressure Plus manufacturers differential pressure gauges for monitoring filter status, liquid level, flow rate measurement in venturis, and much more.
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Welcome to the DPP online shop. This online center accounts for about 75% of our product offerings. If you don’t see a specific gauge/option/accessory you are looking for, feel free to contact us for support!




Lead Time: 2-5 Day

The DPP750 is an extremely simple filter indicator.

starting at $16.99 list

The DPP975 filter indicator serves as a lower cost option for manufacturers.

starting at $19.99 list

DPP975 The DPP975’s simple modular design allows the gauge to accommodate many different options.

starting at $34.99 list

150DPG B

starting at $164.99 list



Lead Time: 2-3 Week

(100% machined to order)

Differential Pressure Plus designs and manufacturers differential pressure gauges and filter indicators. Our main industries are cyrogenic storage for liquid oxygenm nitrogen, and natural gas. Filtration of water, oil, and other gases and liquids. Leak detection systems for large tanks and pipelines. Flow rates on venturis and other flow type devices. We are located in the United States and have been manufacturing since 1991. We also make a like of 4-20mA transmitters and entire line of testing equipment. Our backflow test kits are used to test back flow preventers around the world

HVAC Gauge

starting at $94.99 list

LX gauges copy

Piston Type Gauge

starting at $154.99 list

LX gauges copy 2

Diaphragm Type Gauge

starting at $229.99 list


Vessel Mounting Kits

starting at $69.99 list




Lead Time: 1-2 Week

Backflow Mini Kit

starting at $499.99

High quality, compact and easy to use backflow test kits

starting at $549.99

Backflow Test Kit

starting at $599.99 list