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Stock Designs

In a time crunch or just want to test out a design? Select from our stocked gauges to get moving quickly. They use 2.5″ dial cases, come in either aluminum or stainless, and come in a variety of ranges

Current Lead Time Estimates are 1-3 Day for Units in Inventory.

Backorder requires 2 weeks.

Built-to-Order Designs

We understand that the majority of our customers are using gauges with high levels of customization. Please contact us directly at for the fastest quote times for your custom 

DPP975 The DPP975’s simple modular design allows the gauge to accommodate many different options.


Dual Face Filter Status Indicator
Switch Options


Max indicating POinter
Color Band Feature
Panel Mountable

Piston Gauge 200DPG


Best Selling Differential Gauge with many range options


Dual Face Filter Status Indicator

Electrical Switch Options


With MAx Indicating pointer, Color Band, and Panel mountable Dial

PG Series

2.5" Dial