Backflow Pro Kit - Differential Pressure Plus
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Differential Pressure Plus designs and manufacturers differential pressure gauges and filter indicators. Our main industries are cyrogenic storage for liquid oxygenm nitrogen, and natural gas. Filtration of water, oil, and other gases and liquids. Leak detection systems for large tanks and pipelines. Flow rates on venturis and other flow type devices. We are located in the United States and have been manufacturing since 1991. We also make a like of 4-20mA transmitters and entire line of testing equipment. Our backflow test kits are used to test back flow preventers around the world

Backflow Pro

Easiest to Use Ever.

The Backflow Pro combines the easy to use valve assembly we developed for our original TK-10 kit with an improved construction and durability. This backflow test kit meets all national standards and can complete all tests a 5 valve can. It also provides the highest accuracy due to our patented dial, and has new features that are designed to make your life easier.

Starting at $599

Includes 1 Free Calibration, Hoses, and Carry Strap

The Future of Backflow Testing

Size Comparison

What’s Included

Test Gauge
Carry Strap

Key Features


The kits are certified to meet all national standards for backflow testing. They can accomplish the same tests as the older 5 valve styles thanks to the way we machine our gauges.


We have updated the material compatibility of our gauges to feautre teflon coated wetted metal parts and viton seals. These backflow kits also implement a new dial case design that combats denting and cracked lenses. Furthermore, we have relocated the pressure gauge for saftey

Tripod Mount

Backflow testing requires multitasking. As a result, we have included two threading locations on the kits for a standard camera tripod. This makes taking notes, attaching hoses, and using valves much easier

Calibration Notification Program

Backflow Test Kits are required to be calibrated annually by law. As a result, we have a helpful notification system that lets you know when your kit needs to be sent back. You will receive an email notification and even a phone call if you prefer.


Every kit comes with a coupon for one free calibration. We calibrate all units in house and send them out same day. We also email you when your next calibration is due.

Visual Indicator
We utilize a clear tube to connect the high port to the low port. This helps you verify that all air has been bleed from the system

We utilize a clear tube to connect the high port to the low port. This helps you verify that all air has been bleed from the system

Optional Accessories

Accessories can either be purchased individually or as bundles to save cost.

Bleed Valve Assembly


Fitting Pack


Sight Tube


Waterproof Case and Clipboard


``These are the highest quality, most compact, and easy to use backflow kits ever developed. With the added ability to only buy the gauge and not waste money on parts I already have, these kits couldn't be a better deal``