Two Color Screw-on Indicator

The DPP750 is an extremely simple indicator that is perfect for cartridge filters, pump monitoring systems, and any situation in which a user must be notified of high differential pressures. It features a flush bottom with two o-rings. It also has 4 perfect holes for screws to mount into your filter housing.

Starting Under $17

Sometimes you just don’t know…


  • Free Samples available for filter manufactures
  • Green to Red change pressures from 3.5 to 30 psid
  • Max system pressure: 300 psi
  • Max temp 175F
  • Can have an electrical switch
  • Stocked Ranges available Inventory
  • Teflon coated springs available for special ranges

Model Number

Example: DPP750-RS-RMB-8

DPP750 with switch, base, and an 8 psi range

DPP750 –

(Electrical Option)-

RS: (electrical switch)

blank: (no switch)


RMB: (mounting base with 1/8″ NPT connections)

blank: (flush connection to filter head)

(Pressure Range)

(8 psid)

( 15 psid)

(30 psid)

Application Examples

Directly into Filter Head